Have Home Will Travel – Now Available in Paperback & on Kindle


Have Home Will Travel is now available on Amazon!

I have written this book specifically for families who want to learn how they can afford, plan, and enjoy incredibly rich cultural travel.

I’ve wracked my brain to provide you everything your family could possibly need to know about International Home Exchange; starting with dispelling any and all potential misconceptions or fears.

My simple & sensible “No Trust, No Trade” Policy should set your fears to rest.

You will see that International Home Exchange is completely credible and reliable, and that there is absolutely NO reason why your family should not experience its remarkable economic and cultural benefits.

Don’t hesitate to pull the trigger on buying this book OR trying your first international home exchange.  I can almost guarantee, you will NOT be sorry.

Please have a peak at the book’s Preface: The Importance of Travel in My Life to read about the profound effect international home exchange has had on my life and that of my family.




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