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As Problems Go, This is a Good One – Too Many Free Opportunities for World Travel!

It’s true!  Now that I’ve already arranged two fantastic home exchanges for next summer; I’m (kind of/sort of)  hoping that I won’t receive any more great offers!  But, the chance of that is pretty low. In fact, I’ve received three more home exchange offers … Continue reading

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What You Need to Learn About International Home Exchange – I Share

It is because of my experience with international home exchange that I am so comfortable giving it my heartfelt endorsement. In fact, I have been endorsing it almost incessantly for the last five years, to anyone who shows interest! Just … Continue reading

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Families and International Home Exchange – A Perfect Match

Just about anyone can benefit from international home exchange, but the majority of international home exchangers are families, and I anticipate that trend to continue. Families derive the greatest financial benefit from international home exchange.  Most costs associated with international … Continue reading

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