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Joining Forces with International ‘Partner’

As you may know, I’ve made it my mission to provide as many families as I can reach, all the information they need to make global travel a reality.  To that end I have written and recently published my first book called, … Continue reading

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Amazon activated ‘Look Inside’ Feature on Have Home Will Travel

Good Morning Everyone (or Afternoon, as the case may be), I was happy to wake up to find that Amazon has activated their ‘Look Inside’ feature for my book, Have Home Will Travel. If you buy your books on-line, you … Continue reading

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Calling all Travel Bloggers – Scoop this News + Grab a Deal for Your Followers

Fellow Travel Bloggers, if you blog to families, you may be interested in posting the following media release (in whole or in part) to your families.  I will be circulating this release to media outlets across the USA in a day … Continue reading

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Friends & Family – I Want to Repay Your Valuable Support

This post is for all of my friends, family and followers who have stuck with me in my new journey as a travel writer, blogger and as of today, a published author! Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank You! It’s been an exciting … Continue reading

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International Home Exchange 106 – My Own Fears Examined

Okay, I’m hoping that by now you no longer think it’s my head that needs to be examined! Really, if you’ve made it to this week, I do hope you are becoming more comfortable with the idea of international home … Continue reading

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Little Known Facts I’d Like to Share With Members of Travel & Tourism Industry

I think the travel industry needs help reaching out and capturing a potentially great market segment.  This is a segment that is barely engaging in global travel at all today.   They certainly would engage if they could.  I’m talking … Continue reading

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What You Need to Learn About International Home Exchange – I Share

It is because of my experience with international home exchange that I am so comfortable giving it my heartfelt endorsement. In fact, I have been endorsing it almost incessantly for the last five years, to anyone who shows interest! Just … Continue reading

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If you could be anywhere today, where would you be?

For the past few days, I have been working on getting all of my family’s travel photos, from all of our home exchanges and travels, onto the Trusting Traveler website.  I am done, so if you are interested in seeing … Continue reading

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2014 Travel Trends – Home Exchange Fits In

I just reviewed  my daily twitter feed and came across the “Ups and Downs: 2014 Travel Trends” http://www.roamright.com/travel-tips-and-news/ups-and-downs-2014-travel-trends/ The article referenced 6 travel trends, 3 they consider HOT, and 3 they consider NOT.  It’s two of the hot trends for … Continue reading

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