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Why You Can Trust International Home Exchange – And Take Advantage of It

The truth is home exchangers are incredibly trustworthy people.  In fact… International home exchangers make up what I believe to be “a remarkable and wonderful sub-culture” in an otherwise, altogether, distrusting world. I think it is fair to say that all international home exchangers … Continue reading

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Frommer’s Great Advice to Compensate for High Airfare Cost

Even if you apply all of Arthur Frommer’s 6 great tips to reduce the cost of airfare, his post today, when it comes to family travel, cutting airfare costs just isn’t enough – unfortunate, but true. On my families last … Continue reading

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What You Need to Learn About International Home Exchange – I Share

It is because of my experience with international home exchange that I am so comfortable giving it my heartfelt endorsement. In fact, I have been endorsing it almost incessantly for the last five years, to anyone who shows interest! Just … Continue reading

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A Most Interesting Home Exchange Offer

Today I received my 118th home exchange request in just the last year and a half.  Each offer, including today’s, has been a delight to consider.  I always experience a rush of adrenaline as I first open a request and … Continue reading

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What Everyone Should Know About Affordable Luxury in France

You should know that with international home exchange, it is possible for your family to travel to France and to live in a luxurious property for a lengthy three week period, for little more than you would spend on just a … Continue reading

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