Summer 2009 Spain & France (six weeks)

This trip included three home exchanges; 10 days in Andalucia, Southern Spain; 10 days in Languedoc, South West, France; two weeks in a suburb of Paris, France.  In addition, we spent eight nights in hotels or B&B’s in order to visit places to far to reach from home exchange bases on day trips.  Those consisted of: one night in Granada, Spain; one night in La Cite, Carcassonne, France; one night in Arles, France; two nights in Paris; three nights in Normandy, France (including one on Mont St. Michel.)

This trip was incredible, from start to finish.  It was culturally enriching, at times exciting and other times relaxing.  It was incredible enjoyable and deeply satisfying for the whole family.   All three of our home exchanges were well appointed and comfortable; two of them were quite luxurious.

This was a multigenerational trip as it included my husband and myself, our children, and my mother.  This made it even more special.

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