My Cultured Kitchen


In addition to loving to travel long distance to wonderful cultural destinations; I also love to travel to cultural destinations close to home. I am very fortunate to live in a culturally rich suburb of New York City, so there is a great selection of diverse neighborhoods for me to choose from.




My Family loves to visit a variety of ethic neighborhoods, like NYC’s Chinatown and Little Italy, or the Portuguese and Indian neighborhoods in Newark and Iselin, New Jersey, to name just a few.

Lately, it’s the Indian neighborhood in Iselin, New Jersey that we are enjoying. You see, my family loves Indian food; so I have recently taken the time to teach myself to cook authentic Indian Food. It was not easy; but I persevered and am pleased to say, I have succeeded! I have now prepared many delicious, and authentic Indian meals. I have even made my own Roti (traditional Indian Bread) from scratch and prepared Dosa’s (thin crepes made out of lentils and rice) from a batter purchased in a local Indian grocery store.

The header photo, above, shows my Masala Dabba’s, which are Indian spice containers; they hold a small number of my Indian spices. Indian cooking requires an awful lot of spices! I have had to purchase approximately 30 different Indian spices to complete my Indian American Kitchen. The sidebar photos show the very pretty dishes that I purchased to display my authentic Indian meals; a reward to myself for my perseverance; and finally, some of the Indian meals that I have prepared; including the wonderful South Indian Dosa’s.

I’ve started taking little trips to the Indian neighborhood in Iselin, NJ (about a half hour from home) to go to the Indian grocery store. Shopping there is a wonderful cultural experience and a lot of fun! I get such a kick out of it! The next time I go, I’ll take my husband along to videotape, so that I can show you some of the intriguing produce, spices and other groceries that go into authentic Indian food. I’ve already learned a lot about many of these items, but I am still in the process of learning and experimenting with more of them. My favorite new vegetable is Okra, I’d never had it before. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

My love of ethnic foods goes hand in hand with my love of cultural travel; and I believe that this is true for most travelers, so I will be probably be posting about ethnic foods from time to time, as well as providing links to some of my favorite food websites.

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