Peer2Peer Travel Talk

Let’s talk Peer 2 Peer; here are some things I know I would love to talk about

International Home Exchangeyour experiences or your questions are welcome!

Other Peer Sharing  – What do you think about sharing; have you tried to share yet?’

Global Family TravelTell us about your families travels or please ask questions!

Global EducationDo you think it is important for today’s children?

Beating the high cost of AirfareAny great tips we should know about, please share

Suggestions for other topics welcome.

2 Responses to Peer2Peer Travel Talk

  1. Tiffany says:

    Here’s a car service I’ve recently used that is a great alternative to the standard ones you would take to the airport. They are R. Lucas Drivers, and they arrive at your home and use your car to get you where you need to go. If you are out for the night they wait with your car, and if they are dropping you off they get your car back to your home. They charge by the hour and it works out to be much less than what you would spend on a typical car service. We had a great experience with them!


    • Tiffany, thanks so much for sharing your positive experience with R. Lucas Drivers. Since we live in the same area, I will definitely consider using this P2P service myself one day! Kerry


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