About Kerry, the Trusting Traveler

Hi & Welcome to The Trusting Traveler Website. Enjoy your Visit!

My name is Kerry Ascione and I am the Trusting Traveler – a nickname I coined due to the fact that I am an avid, or dare I say rabid, international home exchanger. Being a home exchanger requires you to place your trust in your fellow home exchange partners. Pretty extreme idea huh; well I’ve done that without any fear or hesitation eight times in the past nine years with incredible success! That’s how I now have the impressive new title, The Trusting Traveler.

I’m also a Family Traveler; never leaving home without my family: my husband and our two kids, usually my mom, and occasionally these others: my sister, her son, my sister –in-law, her husband, my son’s friend…basically whoever wants to tag along for the adventure of a lifetime! We are only limited by the number of beds in the exchange home and the number of seats in the exchange vehicle. Oh yes, I trust my home exchange families with my “luxury mom-mobile”, that’s a 2010 seven-seater Dodge Grand Caravan!

International Home Exchange has been the answer to all my travel fantasies. Yes, fantasies is the perfect choice of words because I really thought they were impossible dreams, until I stumbled upon international home exchange. Now, through international home exchange, I have not only fulfilled and far exceeded my travel fantasies, but I’ve brought my whole family along for the wonderful ride; and we have only just begun to touch the tip of the iceberg. We now look forward to a life full of exciting home exchange adventures.

My purpose in creating The Trusting Traveler website is to help other families realize their own travel fantasies. I want to bring more and more families along for the ride of a lifetime. So to that end, I plan to share “everything” – everything I already know, everything I have managed to experience, and everything that I continue to uncover – about making cultural travel an economic reality for more families like mine.

So, to facilitate that transfer of knowledge, there will be a simple mind meld (sci-fi joke, not really.) If only it were that simple.

Actually, I have recently published a book called Have Home, Will Travel, The Ultimate Guide to International Home Exchange for Families.

Back in 2008 when I decided that I was going to find a way for my middle income American family to afford to travel abroad, there was no book on the market to teach me how to do that; so I had to figure it all out myself. Now that I have found the answers to achieve that very difficult objective, I really want to share it with others.

There is still no other book currently on the market written specifically for families to equip them with all the relevant information they need to afford, plan, and finally experience amazing, culturally enriching, and deeply satisfying travel.

Have Home, Will Travel can be found on Amazon.com

I intend to use this website to connect with lots of family travelers and cultural adventurers to share great family travel stories, travel deals, photographs, articles, favorite links, etc…

If you find International Home Exchange an intriguing subject, and you are considering giving it a try; please sign on to follow my posts.

All of the photography displayed on the Trusting Traveler website is my own;  taken on my families many cultural adventures.



10 Responses to About Kerry, the Trusting Traveler

  1. kutukamus says:

    ‘Mind-meld’? Is that Tuvok? Ha..ha.. Never mind. 🙂
    But really, I think ‘trusting traveler’ is quite some idea. Cheers!


  2. Just stumbled upon your blog – it sounds incredible! I’m so excited to read more.
    Huge, huge good luck with the book too!! xxx


    • Hi Lucy,
      I’m glad to hear you find home exchange interesting. I do hope you consider trying it. It really is as good as it sounds. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. Kerry


  3. Hi Kerry

    Home Exchange is such a great concept which is why it is becoming more popular but I am still surprised that so many people will just not consider swapping homes, so let’s hope your website and book help to publicise the idea. Good luck with the launch of the book.

    All the best

    Brian Luckhurst


    • Thanks Brian. I agree 100%. Only its not just a concept, it’s a fact; home exchange has been proven to be reliable for over 60 years. I’m working on giving families everything they need to feel, not only comfortable, but inspired and excited to give international home exchange a try. My book will be out very soon – hopefully February.


  4. globalmouse says:

    This is so inspiring! I’m looking forward to following your adventures 🙂


  5. carol Monahan says:

    you sound like a very lovely woman. thank you for all your info on home exchanges.will follow your blog with great interest


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