Which Home Exchange Would You Choose???

I can honestly say that I find great joy and excitement in planning my families European home exchange adventures.  We started exploring Europe back in 2009 and have been traveling abroad every other summer since. (2009 Spain & France, 2011 Italy & England, 2013 France again).  So I have just started to plan for 2015!

Since our preferred style of travel – BY FAR- is home exchange, I like to start my planning early; this way I’m more likely to find just the right home and homeowners to exchange with.  The best homes are often snapped up early, so I prefer to start sooner rather than later; I usually start my search about ten months ahead.  This gives me and my exchange partners plenty of time to get to know and trust each other, and assist each other in planning details for our respective trips.

So, for the past few weeks I  have been enjoying looking at hundreds (of the many thousands) of wonderful home exchange opportunities available on my favorite home exchange website, http://www.homeforexchange.com.  I’m hoping to find at least one, and possibly two home (and car) exchanges just right for my families next European adventure; we plan to spend a month in Europe, probably in two countries.

This year we have extended an invitation to some friends to join us; they are a family of four with two kids, so I am looking for homes that would accommodate eight to ten people.  We always look for exchanges that come with a car exchange, because the extra savings is too great to forego.  Fortunately, most people exchanging their homes, are equally comfortable exchanging their cars.  This arrangement saves both sides thousands of dollars.

So far, I have found about 5 homes that I think would satisfy my families interests for next summer.  Each of these homes has great appeal, both in the homes themselves and what their locations have to offer. If you had to choose, which one would you rank as your favorite!  The first is my favorite and so I’ve already sent them an exchange request!  I’m waiting, with fingers crossed that they will be interested in an exchange!  If not, I move on to my next favorite, and so on and so forth.

Chartres, France   (My first choice!)

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Faro, Portugal

St. Malo, Brittany, France

Derrybeg, Cty Donegal, Ireland


About Kerry Ascione

Past business and IT professional turned travel writer, blogger, speaker and coach. Huge supporter of the Peer Sharing Movement, especially as it relates to making the lives of families richer in culture and travel. Author of Have Home Will Travel, The Ultimate International Home Exchange Guide for Families.
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2 Responses to Which Home Exchange Would You Choose???

  1. Tiffany says:

    I vote for Amsterdam- one of my favorite cities! Plus the house looks great!


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