Calling all Travelers; Trusting Traveler Reviews Books You’ll Love!

Well, I can’t actually guarantee it; but I trust you “traveler types” will like The Geography of Bliss and Man Seeks God by Eric Weiner as much as I did.

They are the types of books that make you think while you are reading them and likely long after you’ve finished them.   In fact, they may even change the way you view your life or life in general.

I found the subject matter of each book intriguing, and I really connected with the author.   One reason for the connection may be that we were both “born in the year of the Smiley Face, 1963.”  That’s a quote from Weiner in Geography of Bliss.   Actually I liked Weiner a lot because of his brutal honesty, particularly whenever he speaks about himself and his many “perceived” flaws.   I actually found him perfectly “imperfect,” and I’m delighted to write my very first book review on his two books.  I found both of them fascinating, intelligent, heartwarming, and endearingly funny.

So, I guess I’ll just give you a little information about what the two books are about.

Geography of blissWeiner published The Geography of Bliss in 2009.  It’s a cross between a research study and a novel on the intriguing subject of “Happiness.”  What is it; where is it; who is it; why is it; when is it?  Weiner’s happiness research takes him on an around the world exploration (that’s where you “travel types fit in) to find out where happiness can be found. The fact is, Weiner’s quite desperate to find happiness himself.  He shares his journey, his findings, and his great wit, with his readers in this entertaining and enlightening book.


man seeks godWeiner subsequently published Man Seeks God.  I don’t think anyone was more surprised to see me reading a book by this title, than myself (actually, my husband was.)  But the title of the book is deceiving.  Weiner is neither very spiritual nor very religious, but when an interesting health scare arises, it set’s him off on a serious spiritual exploration.  He decides it may be a good idea to find his God, Gods, or Goddesses, so he sets off traveling again, to experience a bunch of religions, to destinations he believes he can experience them best.  Some of the religions are traditional, and some clearly NOT; but regardless, he makes them all interesting. Again he shares his journey, his findings, and more of his charming, self-deprecating wit.

Both of these books may sound deep, and they are a bit, but they are also very funny. Wiener’s sharp, dry sense of humor and his willingness to expose himself  emotionally to his readers makes me want to read him more, actually, what I’d really love to do is join him on his travels.  You will too!


About Kerry Ascione

Past business and IT professional turned travel writer, blogger, speaker and coach. Huge supporter of the Peer Sharing Movement, especially as it relates to making the lives of families richer in culture and travel. Author of Have Home Will Travel, The Ultimate International Home Exchange Guide for Families.
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