African Paper Beads

I love these beads; I had a couple of Beads For Life parties a few years ago. It was really nice, maybe something you might want to consider.


I absolutely love collecting jewelry when I travel especially handmade bracelets and necklaces. Not only is it a great way to help out the local women who make the jewelry, it is a great souvenir and memory of a new culture.

I have never been to Uganda before however several of my friends have been there and have brought back beautiful Ugandan paper bead jewelry as gifts. I adore them!  The beautiful brightly colored paper beads are made from recycled paper and hand rolled by local Ugandan women. It is a great way for the women to support themselves, many who live below the poverty line.

African Paper Beads

You can imagine my surprise and joy when I was in Tucson at the 60th Annual Gem Show and found an African Village loaded with table after table of paper beads for sale! When we entered the tents, I told my mom “I wonder…

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Past business and IT professional turned travel writer, blogger, speaker and coach. Huge supporter of the Peer Sharing Movement, especially as it relates to making the lives of families richer in culture and travel. Author of Have Home Will Travel, The Ultimate International Home Exchange Guide for Families.
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2 Responses to African Paper Beads

  1. thirdeyemom says:

    Thanks for the reblog! I have tons of these beads and just love them!


    • Hi, they are gorgeous and really quite amazing aren’t they? When we had the party (my mom & I), we spent hours (I do mean hours) examining all the pieces that were sent to us for our party! I’m glad you wrote because I actually used one of your bead pictures on my site and I was going to contact you to see if it was alright. Its the header photo on a new page of my blog called ‘Media Pack’, clink on the header, not the pop up subheaders. It looks really cool, is it okay if I use it? Thanks, Kerry


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