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Our, Maison, home exchange, Paris Area, France 2009

It is because of my experience with international home exchange that I am so comfortable giving it my heartfelt endorsement.

In fact, I have been endorsing it almost incessantly for the last five years, to anyone who shows interest!

Just recently, my eleven year old daughter forbade me to talk to her dental technician about our international home exchanges ever again, at least not while she was still seated in the dental chair.

Our Provencal home exchange 2013

Our, Provencal, home exchange, France 2013

It’s true, the technician was more interested in my stories than in removing the sharp edges of the dental x-rays from her mouth.

I promised my daughter I wouldn’t say another word, but on my way out of the office I did hand the technician a business card for the home exchange website I use, http://www.homeforexchange.com complete with a free ten day trial.

Our English Manor exchange, East Sussex, England 2011

Our, English Manor, home exchange, East Sussex, England 2011

All jokes aside I can truthfully say that I talk to a lot of people about my families incredible international home exchange experiences, and one thing is consistent, the people to whom I have extolled the virtues of my international home exchange experiences have been fascinated and more than a little intrigued.

Who could not be intrigued by something so phenomenal?

Nevertheless, despite the fact that international home exchange is extraordinary, it remains virtually untapped.

There are millions of families that could be, but are not, benefiting from this fantastic opportunity.  I hope to change that.

Our casa exchange, Adalucia, Spain  2009

Our, Spanish Casa, home exchange, Adalucia, Spain 2009

I will be sharing a great deal of information on the subject of international home exchange over the next month, leading up to the release of my book

Have Home Will Travel                        The Ultimate International Home Exchange Guide for Families

Our 400 year old, home exchange,  Languedoc, France 2009

Our, 400 year old, home exchange, Languedoc, France 2009

You can read my posts for free in the coming weeks and/or wait for it all to come out in my paperback or e book in March.  

Whichever way you prefer to get the information; I hope it convinces you to give international home exchange a try.

Once you try it, I can almost guarantee that you will never want want to stop trying it!

Note:  In case you have not noticed, each of my five home exchanges over the last five years have been displayed in this post.Join my free Wednesday Webinars to learn everything you need to know about International Home Exchange.  Follow my blog so they will post directly to your e-mail.  

Follow my blog and you will be included in my free Wednesday Webinars; everything you will want and need to know about International Home Exchange!  All through February.

Session 101 and 102 have already run and are posted on the site.  Check them out if you missed them.

About Kerry Ascione

Past business and IT professional turned travel writer, blogger, speaker and coach. Huge supporter of the Peer Sharing Movement, especially as it relates to making the lives of families richer in culture and travel. Author of Have Home Will Travel, The Ultimate International Home Exchange Guide for Families.
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2 Responses to What You Need to Learn About International Home Exchange – I Share

  1. basketslife says:

    This is a very cool article! I really like it! I think its a great way to travel ~ we dont have a home to exchange so we normally go with airbnb or homeway! But once we settle somewhere (if we ever settle somewhere) I would for sure use this! I think its awesome! I will keep watching for your posts!


    • Thanks Stacey! Absolutely, when you do settle down with a home, it would be perfect for your traveling family! Everything you yourself have mentioned in your posts about how great it is to live like a local, are also what makes home exchange so incredible!


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